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buy apple developer account :Johor Harapan agrees to form shadow cabinet, gears for snap polls


Johor Pakatan Harapan has agreed to form a "shadow cabinet" to monitor the Perikatan Nasional state government."Johor Harapan will set up a shadow cabinet to serve as a check and balance against the policies of the Umno-led Johor government."We are confident the experience we gained in the 22 months as the state government can help us to play our roles more effectively," it said in a joint statement.The statement was signed by Johor Amanah chairperson Aminolhuda Hassan, Johor PKR chairperson Ibrahim Syed Noh and Johor DAP chairperson Liew Chin Tong.In the statement, they also noted that the state government is unstable and snap polls may happen."Therefore, (election) machinery in all state and parliamentary constituencies will be set up with a focus on preparing for an election that could happen at any time," they said.They added that Johor Harapan will also be restructuring its state leadership in the absence of Bersatu which had exited the coalition.PN has a two-seat majority in the 56-member Johor state assembly.Bersatu, which had 11 assemblypersons, pulled out of Harapan in late February, leading to the collapse of the state government.They joined forces with 14 Umno assemblypersons, two from MIC and one from PAS to form the new state government. It was also bolstered by one defection from PKR.However, Umno is the anchor of PN in Johor due to its larger number of state seats.

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