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buy apple developer account :Peacock: How To Watch, Price, Launch Date, And Day One Originals For The NBCUniversal Streaming Service


On July 15, NBCUniversal's streaming service Peacock will launch. In April, there was a soft launch of the service for Xfinity users that didn't include originals. 2020 has been a big year for new streaming services. Quibi revealed its sub-par service, and HBO Max debuted--which was great, if you could actually watch it.Peacock will showcase NBCUniversal properties. This will include Universal movies, and series from networks like USA, Syfy, NBC, and more. Additionally, Peacock will include content from the networks under the ViacomCBS umbrella--GameSpot's parent company--along with content from A&E and History channels.During a video presentation for Peacock earlier in the year, many movies and shows were showcased that will be a part of Peacock from TV hits like The Office, Parks & Recreation, Saturday Night Live, Murder She Wrote, Xena: Warrior Princess, and more. Additionally, movies like Shrek, Minions, and Fast & Furious were shown as well. Reality TV was also highlighted, with shows like WWE's Total Divas appearing, an E! Networkproperty, which falls under the NBCUniversal umbrella. There will be a large VOD library to watch all of these programs. Many movies, shows, and originals can be viewed in 4K UHD--something HBO Max has yet to deliver on.How to watch:While Peacock has yet to debut, there's still no word on if users will be able to check it out on Roku or Amazon devices, which is a huge mistake HBO Max made when it launched, considering how many people use those devices for streaming services. Below, you'll find all the platforms Peacock is confirmed for, outside of the Xfinity boxes for Comcast subscribers.Where to watch:DesktopPS4Xbox 1Google/Android devicesiOSVizio SmartcastLG Smart TVsPeacock will have a tiered pricing system, and this will include a free version. However, this will be ad-supported and not contain any original programming. If you want to check out original shows like Brave New World, you'll need to pay.Peacock tiers and cost:Free: 7,500 hours of ad-supported programming. Includes current seasons of TV shows, movies, TV classics, news and sports, Hispanic, streaming channels, and more.$5 a month: 15,000 hours of ad-supported programming. Includes everything in previous tier, plus original series, 4K/UHD viewing, premium moves, full tent-pole series, and more.$10 a month: Everything in previous tiers, without ads.Once again, it's important to note that original series are not included in the free tier, so don't expect to watch that Saved By The Bell revival, unless you plan on paying for the service. Additionally, the $5 tier will be bundled free for Xfinity, Xfinity Flex, and Cox customers. As far as ads go, users will be limited to five minutes of ads per hour, which is less than traditional broadcast and cable TV--roughly 16 minutes per hour.While there are plenty of highly-anticipated original programs coming down the line, like the Battlestar Galactica and Saved by the Bell reboots, the launch of Peacock will feature some high-profile originals, which you can check out below.Day one originals:Brave New WorldThe CaptureIntelligenceLost Speedways With Dale Earnhardt Jr.Where's Waldo?Cleopatra in SpacePsych 2: Lassie Come HomeIn Deep With Ryan LochteCurious GeorgeAdditionally, Peacock has released trailers for all of these series, which you can check out here. Here are some more upcoming Peacock original series that were revealed at an earlier video presentation and a short description.Upcoming Peacock original series:Hart to Heart - An interview series featuring Kevin Hart.Girls 5 Eva - Tina Fey will write the new comedy, which is about a girl group "getting the band back together."Angelyne - A docuseries about a woman in LA who drives around in a pink Cadillac and gets people to pay her to hang out with her.Battlestar Galactica - Sam Esmail briefly talked about the rebooted series. There wasn't a lot of new insight, but there were lots of clips shown from the Syfy series.Saved by the Bell - This new series takes place modern-day, where Zack Morris is mayor of California, and the show follows a new batch of students at Bayside High School.Rutherford Falls - Ed Helms stars in the scripted comedy about a man trying to change his life, whose town is named after his family.Division One - Produced by Amy Poehler, the comedic series follows a women's college soccer team.Expecting - Produced by Mindy Kaling, the series follows a woman who asks her gay friend to be a sperm donor.MacGruber -Will Forte was announced to reprise the role of the MacGuyver-parody.The Kids Tonight Show - It's the Tonight Show, with kids doing the interviewing.A.P. Bio - The NBC series will move to Peacock for its third season.The Amber Ruffin Show - A weekly, stripped-down late show, hosted by Amber Ruffin.Peacock launches on July 15.

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