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us apple developer accounts for sale:Lego NES Set Officially Revealed, Coming Soon


The Lego Group has confirmed a Lego NES Set coming on August 1. A TV piece has a mechanism that scrolls through a stage, letting you play as Mario "running" through World 1-1 of the original Super Mario Bros. The Lego figure from the Mario Starter Sets can also watch the on-screen action and react.The 2,646-piece set comes with a miniature NES, controller, game cart, and CRT TV--all built with Lego bricks. The TV has a crank that scrolls Mario through a stage, and a miniature 8-bit style Mario can be manipulated to "jump" through the stages. It's all a pretty ingenious little way of nodding to the classic Mario games.The set had leaked before its official unveiling, through fan sites like VJGamer and StoneWars (via Wario64). Shortly after, an official teaser with a silhouetted shape of the Lego set appeared to confirm the leaked photos.The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System! Now you're playing with power...and bricks?.https://t.co/rC5mjFfJvo pic.twitter.com/ZGgBll0N4w,

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