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ios developer account:UPDATE 1-Billionaires look to reduce equities after turning quick profit


(Changes headline, lead, adds longer-term plans 7th graph) By Brenna Hughes Neghaiwi and Simon Jessop ZURICH/LONDON, July 16 (Reuters) - Billionaires looked afterby Swiss bank UBS are looking to move some of theircash out of equities after profiting from an unprecedentedsell-off and rapid rebound from March to May, the world'slargest wealth manager said on Thursday. During the rout in stock markets across the globe in March,UBS' richest customers took out loans to place billions intocrashing stock markets. They are now looking to pull that moneyfrom equities and put the profits in illiquid and privateassets, UBS' head of global family offices told Reuters. Their strategy has helped family offices which manage thefinancial affairs of the world's richest beat hedge funds andoverall markets to outperform their target benchmarks throughMay, according to the bank's survey of 120 family offices, withan average family wealth of $1.6 billion, published on Thursday. "We had record loans written during the middle of March andthe middle of April, of significant family offices who asked usfor balance sheet and then went into the market," Josef Stadlersaid in an interview. "They bought, for example, U.S. equities,but they didn't buy $50 million. They bought a billion-plus ofthose equities to rebalance. And they made a lot of money." Known as the "fortress bank for billionaires", banking halfthe world's very richest, UBS said its wealthiest clientsserviced by individual family offices were now looking to investin residential real estate and private equity, or to makecorporate and strategic deals. Stadler said the trend had largely been seen in Asia and heexpected it to accelerate in the last quarter of 2020 and intothe early months of 2021. As a consequence, he expected equitiesmarkets to soften throughout the rest of this year. But over the longer term just under half the family officespolled by UBS intended to increase their equities allocation inthe next 2-3 years. Asked whether unrest in Hong Kong and its tensions withmainland China had affected investment decisions, Stadler saidUBS did not see family office money moving out of Hong Kong toother jurisdictions. REUTERS

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