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Destiny 2: Beyond Light, the game's next big expansion, has been delayed. Bungie announced on its website that it's pushing the launch to November 10 across all platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, and PC."The past few months have been a challenge and will continue to be during this pandemic," it said in a post. "We've learned to create together in a new way, by having to work apart from one another. Despite these hurdles, we're still committed to the same level of quality that our fans expect."Further specifics were not shared for what prompted the delay, though Bungie said it's "doing what's best for the game" by moving the launch date back.Coinciding with this move, the current season, Season of Arrivals, is being extended all the way until November 10. It was previously set to end on September 22, Beyond Light's previous release date. That's especially notable because the release of Beyond Light will see chunks of content temporarily removed from the game as Bungie utilizes a new strategy.Bungie said in the post that it has plans to do something to compensate for the extension of the season, which could come in the form of additional content, but at this point we don't know exactly what to expect."Over the coming weeks, we'll be unveiling more of what we,

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