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A mindful planned township with home place, shopping place, eating place and working place. WHEN Vietnam was shifting its focus from agriculture to an industrial-driven economy over a decade ago, it gained interest from foreign investors. It was then that Gamuda Land seized the opportunity and set foot on Vietnam shores, making its maiden foray into Hanoi in 2007 followed by Ho Chi Minh City in 2010. Today, the Malaysian town-maker and multi-award-winning developer has earned its stripes for Gamuda City in Hanoi and Celadon City in Ho Chi Minh City, which have become the symbols of excellence in property development overseas. The new frontier Venturing into the unknown can be risky, especially when it is a country with a different language, cultural setting, government policies and laws. The first bold step of penetrating South Hanoi was taken by Gamuda Land based on its experience in town-making and through market validation.,

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