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Ghost of Tsushima is a pretty forgiving game in terms of Trophies, all things considered. Despite there being a ton of collectibles, most Trophies don't require you to find all of them--only the most important ones that usually have a direct impact on gameplay. There are a few hidden Trophies that require you to explore the game a little more, but they're usually not too tough to figure out. And then there's the game's toughest challenge: the Cooper Clan Cosplayer Trophy.This hidden Trophy gives you very little to go on if you check it in the Ghost of Tsushima Trophy list. It suggests you need to "dress up as a legendary thief." The name of the Trophy and its description are references to Sucker Punch's Sly Cooper franchise, in which players take on the role of a heist-pulling raccoon--but figuring out exactly what you need Jin to wear in order to conjure up Sly Cooper's classic yellow-and-blue costume can be tough.Luckily, we've found literally everything in Ghost of Tsushima: every piece of armor, every piece of vanity gear, and every sword kit. We've hit 100% completion in the game and even unlocked the Platinum Trophy, and we figured out how to earn the Cooper Clan Cosplayer Trophy. Here's exactly what you need to wear to unlock it and how to find all the pieces.We've got a whole lot more coverage to help you find everything in Tsushima. Check out our Ghost of Tsushima guide roundup for our full walkthrough, collectibles guides, hot springs locations, side missions rundown, combat tips, and more. Ghost Of Tsushima News Here's How Long It Takes To Beat Ghost Of Tsushima Ghost Of Tsushima Review - Chaos In The Windy City Ghost Of Tsushima Pre-Order Bonuses, Collector's Edition Announced (PS4) Cooper Clan Cosplayer Trophy - What You NeedThere are three pieces of you need Jin to wear to unlock the Cooper Clan Cosplayer Trophy: Gosaku's Armor, the Crooked Kama Headband, and the Sly Tanuki Sword Kit. You'll also need to find 10 flowers to buy the Ocean's Guardian armor dye for Gosaku's armor, which is blue and yellow. What mask Jin wears doesn't matter; neither does the color customization for your half-bow or longbow.You'll have to trek across most of Tsushima to find all three pieces you need, however, and two of them won't be available until you push the main story to Act 3.Gosaku's ArmorYou'll get Gosaku's Armor as part of a Mythic Tale: The Unbreakable Gosaku, which unlocks very early in Act 2. You'll find the singer who explains the tale in Akashima Village in Toyotama. To unlock the armor, you need to gather six keys, which are in the care of farmers at five Mongol-occupied farmsteads (marked by a plant icon on the map). Four of them are in Izuhara: Ohama Fishing Village and Aoi Village in Tsutsu; Kuta Farmstead in Ariake; and Yagata Farmstead in Kashine. The last two are in Toyotama: Iijima Farmstead in Umugi and Koshimizu Farmstead in Kushi.With all six keys in hand, head to Akashima's Old Togo Rice Fields, near Fort Ito and Akashima Light House. On the east side of the area is a mountain--look for a stone door you can enter at the bottom to find a climbing path that will take you to where Gosaku's Armor rests at the top.Once you have the armor, visit any merchant in a town and purchase the Ocean's Guardian armor dye for the armor.Crooked Kama Head BandThe second part of the costume is a reference to Sly Cooper's iconic hook-shaped weapon, the kama. It's found on a headband, a piece of Vanity Gear you can find as a collectible in the world. To get it, you'll have to progress to Act 3 in the main story of Ghost of Tsushima, so you can get access to Jogaku Temple.Climb the tall pagoda at Jogaku Temple to find the Crooked Kama headband piece of Vanity Gear. If you upgrade your Traveler's Attire, wear it and your controller should pulse when you're nearby.When you reach the temple, look for the tall pagoda outside the walls of the rest of the area. Standing just beneath it, you should be able to jump up near the corners of the pagoda and throw up your iron hook to climb the building. Proceed to the top and check the back side (the one furthest from the lake) to find an arrow with the headband hanging from it.The pagoda you're looking for is the building closest to Lake Jogaku.Sly Tanuki Sword KitYour last piece of gear requires you to find a Pillar of Honor in an out-of-the-way place in Kamiagata, once you've started Act 3. Head to the east coast of Kin and look for a peninsula jutting out from the island. You'll find it east of Trapper's House and Northeast of Iwai Village.The Pillar of Honor is on a small point on Kin's coast, and will take some climbing to reach.You'll need to do some climbing over rocks and cliffs to get out to a snowy lookout over the ocean to find the Pillar. Claim its sword kit, the aptly named "Sly Tanuki."The Sly Cooper LookEquip all the required pieces and you'll unlock the Cooper Clan Cosplayer Trophy. Here's what it'll all look like:Equip the Cr0oked Kama headband, Gosaku's Armor with the Ocean's Guardian armor dye, and the Sly Tanuki Sword Kit to complete your Sly Cooper look.There are more hidden Trophies in Ghost of Tsushima that require a little searching to unlock. While none of them are quite as tough to figure out without help as the Cooper Clan Cosplayer Trophy, they might also give you pause. Use our Ghost of Tsushima Hidden Trophy Guide to find them all and grab that Platinum.

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