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apple developer account for sale :Valorant Act 2 Adds New Agent, Deathmatch, Battle Pass, And More This Week


Developer Riot Games has announced that Valorant's second act starts on Tuesday, August 4 for PC. The new season of content introduces a brand-new Agent, battle pass, and more.Act 2's headlining feature is Killjoy, the brand-new Agent coming to Valorant, who was recently leaked. A tech specialist, Killjoy has a variety of abilities centered around using drones and turrets to dish out damage. And her ultimate ability, Lockdown, does just as the name suggests: ensnares all enemies caught in the radius.Act 2 will also bring about a new set of skins called Glitchpop Skyline. The skin set features multiple variants for the Bulldog, Frenzy, Judge, Odin, and dagger, and costs between 2,175 and 4,350 Valorant Points for each individual skin. The entire bundle will set you back 8,700 Valorant Points. You can check out the Glitchpop Skyline set, and the trailer showcase, below.With the introduction of Act 2 comes a new game mode: Free-For-All Deathmatch. The game mode strips everything back from Valorant and makes it a more classic shooter akin to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. There are no abilities, no teams, and infinite money. This means there are respawns, as well as drop-in/drop-out multiplayer with players competing to score 30 kills first. FFA Deathmatch will launch in beta on August 5, but if Riot finds the mode stable and the servers functioning properly, it will be left as a permanent addition.Finally, Valorant's second act houses a new Battle Pass that features "a series of unique unlockables" including weapon skins, gun buddies, sprays, player cards and titles, and Radianite Points. You can check out some of the unlockable items below.In other, sillier Valorant news, an Australian streamer recently had his Valorant session interrupted when a magpie--yes, the Australian bird considered one of the most intelligent animals in the world--one-clicked his head in real life. Valorant News & Announcements Valorant 1.03 Patch Notes: Guardian Changes, New Skins Teased Valorant Ranked System And Competitive Mode Explained Top Valorant Rank Gets A New Name Valorant Console Release Is "Definitely" Being Prototyped How To Download Valorant On PC

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