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apple developer:Fortnite: Dancing On The Apres Ski Dance Guide


Fortnite: Season 3's Week 8 challenges are coming tomorrow and one of them tasks you with dancing at an unusual location. The challenge asks you to dance on the Apres Ski Dance floor for 10 seconds. The Apres Ski Dance floor isn't a named location so some players may find it hard to locate. This guide will show you exactly where to find it and how to complete the challenge.These challenges have leaked early. Check back on Thursday to try them for yourself in Fortnite.Where Is The Apres Ski Dance Floor?The Apres Ski house is located on the southern edge of the island in the E8 tile on the map. It's a lodge-like building next to a snowy mountain. There is a fireplace and various ski-adjacent items scattered in front of it. Check out this map for an exact location:Fortnite Season 3 Apres Ski LocationOnce inside you'll see the dance floor in the back right corner of the lodge. Head over there and use a dance emote for ten seconds in order to complete the challenge.Fortnite Season 3 Dancing On Apres Ski Dance Floor ChallengeWhat Do I Get For Dancing For 10 Seconds?You'll get 35,000 experience points after dancing for 10 seconds at Apres Ski. Be sure to check out our guide on destroying shipping containers at Dirty Docks as well as a breakdown of how to find Season 3's secret Coral buddies challenges. If you're having any trouble with Fortnite's challenges hop on over to our Season 3 challenge hub. Fortnite News Fortnite: Catch A Weapon At Stack Shack Guide Fortnite: Gas Up A Vehicle At Catty Corner Guide Fortnite: Where To Claim Trident At Coral Cove - Aquaman Challenge Guide Fortnite Gorgeous Gorge Waterfall Location: Where To Dive With Aquaman's Outfit How To Get Aquaman In Fortnite -- The New Skins Aren't Available Yet

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