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,Changes in the making: US one dollar banknotes in front of a stock graph in this illustration. Currencies are traded across dozens of platforms, making the market highly fragmented. — Reuters

LONDON: Refinitiv is considering a series of changes to its daily foreign exchange (FX) fixing, including lengthening the trading window used to calculate it, a senior company executive said, amid industry concerns over the global benchmark which used to value trillions of dollars of assets.

The 27-year-old WM/R benchmark, which is calculated by its owner Refinitiv, has a five-minute trading window, known as the “fix”, at 4:00pm in London each weekday when investors and banks flood the market with buy and sell orders.

The WM/R is by far the most popular benchmark and baked into contracts such as those used by the United States fund managers wanting to buy European stocks, who would sell dollars and buy euros at exchange rates set at the fixing.

One concern among some asset managers, who move billions of dollars through the window, is that more nimble hedge funds can spot and trade off large transactions, leaving investors with worse exchange rates.

A European Central Bank-organised FX group said in April 2020 its members were concerned that concentrating end-of-month trading at particular FX fixings was “likely to create additional volatility and pressure on market functioning”.

Unusual price swings at the fixing were reported during 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic raised currency market volatility, and most recently on July 27 when sterling suddenly surged alongside a spike in trading volumes.

“We are very focused on making sure (the benchmark) evolves, and aligns with changes in the market structure,” Shirley Barrow, global head of benchmarks and indices at Refinitiv, said, adding that it was open to lengthening the window, but had not decided what was “insufficiently wide”.

Beyond expanding the trading window, Barrow said other possible improvements include sourcing trading data from more than the current three platforms, Refinitiv Matching, EBS and Currenex, which could make prices more representative of the US$6.6 trillion (RM27.7 trillion) a day FX market.

Concerns about the fixing and whether investors were getting a good deal have existed for years but resurfaced during the pandemic, encouraging Refinitiv to assess its options.

Refinitiv began gathering data on the benchmark’s performance and asking clients for feedback on potential changes last year, Barrow told Reuters.

This revealed that some users want the window widened to address concerns, including that computer-driven algorithmic traders are taking advantage of slower-moving asset managers.

By widening the window, large buy or sell orders should have less market impact as transactions can be spread out, making it harder for algorithms, or so-called algos, to track investor order flows.


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