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aws全区号( partners EV Connection to install electric vehicle fast-charging station



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KUALA LUMPUR: ACO Group is collaborating with EV Connection Sdn Bhd to install a direct-current fast-charging station at ACO Group's new headquarters in Johor Bahru as part of its initiative to tap into the green technology sector.In a statement, it said the electric vehicle charging station, with a capacity of 180kW, is set to be one of the fastest charging speed stations in Malaysia and the first in Johor."EV owners will soon be able to drive-in to ACO’s headquarters to charge up their vehicles at up to 180kW which takes up to 30 minutes to charge a car, as compared to alternating current (AC) charging points that take about 6 – 10 hours for a full charge," it added.According to the statement, EV Connection is a leading one-stop electric mobility service provider specialising in EV charging solutions and EV charging stations."Together with EV Connection, we aim to participate in the scaling up of the EV charging network in Malaysia to pave way for greater EV adoption and support the push for driving decarbonisation."We will leverage on our respective strengths, ACO’s vast product offerings and footprint in Malaysia and EV Connection’s strong technical know-how in EV infrastructure, to accelerate the deployment of EV charging station across Malaysia," said ACO Group managing director Tan Pee Tee @ Tan Chang Kim.


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