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Maxis would be providing its customers with “incredible speeds” and latency of 5G.

KUALA LUMPUR: With the gradual reopening of international borders, Maxis and Hotlink customers will be the first to experience 5G international connectivity services in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

Maxis chief executive officer Gokhan Ogut said the group would be providing its customers with “incredible speeds” and latency of 5G.

“It is a testament to our strong commitment to enabling individuals and business to ‘Always Be Ahead’ with the best connectivity experience wherever they are. Once they arrive at any of these three destinations, customers can choose to roam on either Singtel in Singapore, AIS in Thailand, or Telkomsel in Indonesia. The 5G roaming service will be activated automatically on any 5G-enabled device,” he said in a statement.

“Customers just need to access the Maxis app and click on the ‘Maxis Roaming’ banner to subscribe to a preferred plan.

“Hotlink customers may just switch on data roaming to auto subscribe for a Data Roam Pass,” he added.



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