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THE Covid-19 pandemic has undeniably impacted the teaching and learning experience in Malaysia and across the world, pushing all those in the academic industry to pivot and weather a new set of challenges in the transfer of knowledge remotely.

Nonetheless, the classroom remains a space for self-discovery, expanding horizons and building friendships, and as we slowly but surely return to physical classrooms in phases, knowing what to expect and how to adapt into the new routine is important for the mental and physical well-being of students, educators and members of the administrative staff alike.

Studies have shown that students experienced mental health challenges during the pandemic due to social isolation and added pressure of needing to succeed in their academics.

Relate Malaysia found that Malaysian youth reported high levels of anxiety (48%) and depression (45%) at the start of the pandemic.

The last two years have undoubtedly been challenging for students and I hope that in shifting to a blend of remote and face-to-face learning, we can help alleviate this pressure from not only our youth but also academic professionals and parents, who have been struggling.

Schedule me-time amid work and socialising safely

Returning to physical classrooms can be daunting, even more so that we now have to readapt to a new routine.

It is important that all those returning to face-to-face classes and work are actively scheduling and planning out their day.

Getting up early, dressing up and commuting will be an adjustment. This also allows them to dedicate time for friends, family and, most importantly, themselves.

Re-establish boundaries

This new practice of working from home means that we have also lost the traditional boundaries of space and time that separate work from rest and play.

We find ourselves working longer hours, in some cases more than our bodies have the capacity for.

A good night’s sleep, exercise and “responsibly distanced” socialising are important in this new routine to ensure a healthier mind and body.

Be kind to yourself

For students, doing well in school is a top priority, and they can sometimes self-sabotage by putting too much stress on themselves, often made even worse by the expectations of a parent or guardian.

This is evident in not just university but primary and secondary education as well.

I believe it is important that parents are more conscious about how they broach the topic of academics, as in the worst of cases, it could potentially lead to an increase in mental health deterioration.

Be creative and check in with one another

As for educators, it can be unnerving having to learn and incorporate new technology or tools into a lesson plan.

Truthfully, the best educators do not need fancy technology to deliver high-quality teaching.

Good educators make an effort to connect with their students, which include check-ins to monitor students’ well-being emotionally and mentally.  


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