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GPS, which has been governing Sarawak for the past 56 years, appeared to have pulled a master stroke when it got the constitution (amendment) bill – or commonly referred to as the MA63 agreement, which is the political game in town for politicians in Sarawak and Sabah – approved in Parliament recently.

In 2019, GPS abstained from voting on a similar or comparative bill tabled by the Pakatan Harapan government, citing the following reasons:

The bill did not detail the enforcement of equal partnership in substance and form, including ensuring a third of parliamentary seats and a third of national resources,The amendment’s exclusion of a third of the annual financial allocation to Sarawak, considering that Sarawak was one of the biggest contributors to national revenue, demonstrated that the federal government “lacked sincerity”.

Was there anything different between the amendment bill tabled back in 2019 and the latest bill, which was tabled and approved within six weeks, aside from mere cosmetic amendments?

Did the approved amendment bill address the two issues above cited by GPS for its abstention?

The passing of the bill two days before the election in Sarawak obviously contributed significantly to GPS retaining its supermajority as it gives the perception to Sarawak folk that they are shielded by GPS.

It has shown that it is becoming more assertive, after being pushed around at the whim of ethnocentric Malay politicians, while championing the rights of Sarawak folk, who have been calling for fair treatment from the federal government.

Now that GPS is returned to power and with a supermajority, Sarawak folk – who had hoped for fair treatment from the federal government – will again be disappointed.

Politicians from GPS and the BN/PN ruling coalition will continue to play the perception game, which they have been playing for the last 56 years.

Things are likely to remain the same with minimal changes. Sarawak folk will continue to be deluged with a flood of truths, half truths and lies swimming in oceanic corruption.

GPS will continue to make the necessary noises, eg, reports will be issued saying most Sarawak folk are “satisfied” with the current level of autonomy.

With the total obliteration of the political party that championed the call for secession at the polls, this call is likely to fizzle out unnoticed.

People calling for secession should be well aware that the political class on the peninsula will never accept it because they never felt Sarawak to be alien in identity, more like wayward cousins.

If they let one region go, others might be next.

Globally, there have been approximately 400 secessionist movements recorded in history over the past 200 years, of which only about 60 are still active.

The number that have won independence is not more than the five fingers on our hands. Many fade away and some movements cease in a violent manner.


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