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File pic shows Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine vials

WASHINGTON: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Wednesday authorized Pfizer's antiviral COVID-19 pill, making it the first at-home treatment that is expected to become an important tool in the fight against the Omicron variant.

A panel of expert advisers to the FDA has also recommended the agency authorize Merck & Co's experimental antiviral pill molnupiravir, which has already received regulatory approvals in Britain, Denmark and Philippines among others.

Merck has signed deals to sell about nine million courses of its pill to governments around the world, but on Wednesday France became the first country to publicly say it had cancelled its order following disappointing trial data, and it hopes instead to receive Pfizer's drug before the end of January.

In the European Union, Merck's treatment is still under review by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The regulator on Nov. 19 issued advice on using the pill for adults ahead of providing any wider recommendation.

Last week, the EMA also said EU member states could use Pfizer's drug early after diagnosis of an infection even though its full review for regulatory approval has not been completed yet.

Australia 500,000 courses Canada 1 mln doses EU Germany Italy 50,000 courses South 70,000 Korea courses Thailand UK 2,750,000 Early 2022 courses United 10,000,000 $530 per by the end States courses course, of 2021 total of $5.29 billion ($1 = 85.4800 taka)

- Reuters



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