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亚马逊云账『号』( completes private placement



‘亚’马逊云《<账>号》{【提供】}aws《<账>号》、aws 《全区号》[、aws32v《<账>号》、‘亚’马逊云《<账>号》出售,{【提供】}api , 质量稳定[,{数量持续}。《另有售》azure oracle linode等《<账>号》.

KUALA LUMPUR: Iris Corp Bhd has completed its private placement exercise of 296.62 million new IRIS shares.

In a statement, IRIS said the final tranche of 74 million placement shares, representing approximately 2.27% of the enlarged share capital, was subscribed by an insurance fund, AIA Bhd.

“The group has raised a total of RM71.16mil under the private placement exercise, where the proceeds will be utilised for working capital requirements, in accordance with the announcement made on June 23, 2020,” it said.



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