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aws账号( MSC bags RM14.4mil contract in Nigeria



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KUALA LUMPUR: NOVA MSC Bhd's unit, novaCITYNETS International Ltd, has signed a contract for the provision of FORNAZ ePlanCheck software to ENL-Nova Ltd's electronic physical planning process system project (EPPPS) for the Nigeria Lagos state government.The group said in a statement that the agreement will be for 10 years from 2022 to 2031.The agreement will be based on a pay-per-use revenue model, which depends on ENL-Nova's revenue collection from EPPPS and the end-users adoption of the EPPPS."While the value of this Agreement is currently indeterminate, our initial study showed the total sum over the 10 years to be approximately USD3.4 million (around RM14.4 million), said Nova MSC group CEO Lai Teik Kin.According to the statement, the FXEPC service provides the Qualified Persons and Building Information Modeling (BIM) managers an avenue to perform automated checks on BIM models to audit for data completeness, modelling quality according to best practices, compare models between iterations and detect critical clashes of vital elements as part of the process required in a typical BIM Executive Plan.Consequently, it improves data quality in the existing methodologies as well as in emerging technologies such as Digital Twins and 5D BIM Model.According to Lai, the group’s FXEPC has been in development since 2002 and has undergone many cycles of improvements with the incorporation of artificial intelligence to automate the checking process.


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