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buy apple account:OFO Tech’s Geo-AI technology offers cost savings


Armi Majid KUALA LUMPUR: Utilising Malaysian-based geospatial-artificial intelligence (Geo-AI) technologies, infrastructure and plantation companies have experienced an average cost savings of up to 40% and a stronger topline growth. Geo-AI technology is created from an AI and geographic information system based on geographic data – which helps to visualise business objects on maps, improving efficiency and the decision-making abilities of businesses. OFO Tech Sdn Bhd managing director Armi Majid told StarBiz that the technology, which uses reality and real-time data, speeds up work and reduces manpower for companies. “Companies can even have cost savings of up to 70% after using our Geo-AI technology, as it reduces the time of work compared to using traditional manpower, ” he said. Lowering the cost of deploying the technology, Armi told StarBiz that the technology for business operations is “affordable” and is also offered to companies based on a yearly subscription model. “This technology is a saviour for organisations. “Our tech solution is affordable and businesses can choose to pay monthly or yearly rather than bearing the full cost of the technology. “Our clients have reformed their daily operations by using Geo-AI technology, ” he added. The #digitalXdata 2020 live virtual conference was organised by Star Media Group with OFO Tech as the Gigabyte Partner. Its business development director, Muhammad Amsyar Faiz, was a speaker at the Drone Track. Amsyar presented on “Drone Powered Solutions and Its Affiliated Technologies; Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Virtual & Augmented Reality, and Industrial IoT Technology – Emerging Trends and Applications.” The conference aims to help companies solve business challenges and uncover growth opportunities by redesigning a data-driven digital future. During the movement control order, Armi noted that the Geo-AI technology was “tremendously” helpful to businesses as site operations were seen through the web platform, which did not require workers to visit the site. “Especially with the work from home environment, workers don’t have to go to the site, instead we brought the site to their homes via the Geo-AI technology, ” he said. As such, Armi disclosed that the company’s sales rose 40% during the Covid-19 period compared to a year ago due to the acceleration of digitisation by infrastructure, construction and plantation companies, as well as additional incentives provided by government agencies to businesses. Currently, the company is focused on supplying its technology to three sectors, namely, construction, critical infrastructure as well as the plantation and agro-sectors. Post-Covid-19, Armi is confident that the company is set to quadruple its sales due to aggressive awareness promotions of technologies, additional upcoming new products and solutions and expansion to new markets. The company plans to expand to new markets such as Indonesia, South Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Meanwhile, Armi also commended Malaysia Digital Economy Corp’s support to local tech solution providers, as it enables Malaysian-made tech to stand tall among other developed countries. “Given the support from agencies, the government can do more to lead the adoption of locally developed Geo-AI platforms amongst various agencies. “This would give a clear indication for private enterprises to follow suit and prioritise local solutions as opposed to foreign solutions, ” he said.

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