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apple developer account:Taxi, school and tour bus drivers told to update personal info for special aid


Taxi, school bus, and tour bus drivers who are eligible to receive the special aid under the Malaysian Economic and Rakyat’s Protection Assistance Package (Permai) were urged to update their personal information before March 12.The Land Public Transport Agency (Apad), in a statement today said this was to ensure the smooth distribution of the Permai assistance.“The drivers can check and update their personal information at Apad's Permai portal at,” the statement said.As of March 4, as many as 3,419 taxi drivers, 6,783 school bus companies, and 931 tour bus operators have been identified as eligible Permai aid recipients.According to Apad, payments to drivers who have updated the information would be made beginning March 15.- Bernama

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  • 2021-03-14 00:06:40

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