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The President of the Association of Private Hospitals Malaysia Dr Kuljit Singh has welcomed the possibility of negotiating with suppliers to purchase Covid-19 vaccines, which was announced by National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme Coordinating Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.

"We are happy to work with the government to assist us in the procurement process from suppliers other than those been purchased by the government.

"This will not in any way reduce the availability of the vaccine for the rakyat in the public vaccination programme.

"Our intention as private hospitals is to assist the economy front-liners from multinational companies, GLCs, private companies with huge work-forces, foreigners and private individuals to obtain vaccinations earlier than the planned phases by the government," said Singh in a statement today.

In making the announcement yesterday, Khairy said vaccine delivery to private markets will most likely be made in the third quarter of this year at the earliest.

“So, I will discuss with private hospitals about approval for them to initiate discussions.

“People who are wealthy should not think they can pay for a shot this month or next month because the entire world is suffering from a lack of vaccine supply,” Khairy added.

Singh said there was an importance to procuring these vaccines early so as to have them available by the middle of the year and not towards the third or fourth quarter.

"Any delay will have an impact on economic recovery.

"The world shortage of vaccine is impending at this stage but procurement planning has to be initiated now by private healthcare in order to have supplies ready by the middle of the year or at least before the last quarter.

"We believe that more vaccines will be available by the middle of the year as world-wide approval of newer vaccines is in the pipeline.

"We plead to the government to hasten this process of approval so that manufacturers can submit applications to the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency for registration.


"It will not be impossible to have private vaccination at the earliest in June or July provided the process is commenced immediately," he said.



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