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apple developer account:Delaying Undi18 only distances youth from politics - Abim


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The Malaysian Muslim Youth Movement (Abim) has warned that the indecisiveness in allowing the youth as young as 18 years old to participate in the democratic system will only distance them from politics.

Abim president Muhammad Faisal Abdul Aziz (above) said this was exacerbated by statements from politicians who look down on the youth's ability to make a decision on the ballot paper.

"Abim finds that there's no focus from related parties to open up the democracy space to the youth, notably those who are 18 years and above," he added.

Muhammad said the related parties should be more serious in implementing Undi18 as the decision to amend Article 119 (1)(a) of the Federal Constitution has been agreed by the majority of lawmakers.

The majority of the youth, Muhammad said, are ready to practice their democratic rights in the upcoming election.

"Abim would like to stress that through a series of engagements with the youth on the topic of democracy, we find that the majority of them are ready and wise to make a decision in choosing their representative in the upcoming general election," he said.

The Election Commission had announced that it was postponing Undi18 and automatic voter registration to after September next year, despite de facto Law Minister Takiyuddin Hassan previously saying it was on track for implementation in July.

The commission cited the movement control order as a reason for the delay, which affected its planning and preparations.

Many youth representatives and seasoned politicians criticised the announcement and demanded the government and the EC to implement Undi18 by July.

Meanwhile, Muhammad noted that the majority of countries around the world had lowered the voting age to 18.

"Therefore, it's a moral responsibility for the related parties to expedite Undi18 to allow the youth to participate in the check-and-balance system and monitor the government," he said.



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